7 Stocking Stuffers for going Low Waste

No reusable straw? Still rocking a plastic toothbrush? This year, stuff those stockings with durable goods your loved ones will actually use! Here are my picks for (super-practical) Low Waste Stocking Stuffers that can help anyone live more sustainably.


1. Reusable Straws. Take these everywhere & you’ll never need a plastic straw. There are SO many fun options, but the ones I like the most are: stainless steel (plain or silicone-tipped), heavy-duty glass straws (like these handmade ones), bamboo straws, or Final Straw–the coolest reusable straw that folds up into a keychain and comes with a tiny squeegee and drying rack (although the price tag is high for a stocking stuffer).


2. On-the-go Utensils. I recommend ToGo Ware utensil pouches or to save space, a teeny Bambu spork. These utensil options can go almost anywhere and will keep you from needing single-use plastic cutlery when you’re out and about. The ToGo Ware pouches are made from recycled PET plastic and built to last. I’ve been known to give these out as gifts myself! If you’re not big on bamboo, try an all in one metal spork (like this camping spork). I avoid traveling with multiple metal utensils so I’m not clanging around everywhere I go.


3. Bamboo Tooth Brushes. Everyone needs toothbrushes! My favorite brands for people new to bamboo are WOWE and Brush with Bamboo. Both brands look and feel more like shapely plastic toothbrushes. Many people are concerned about bamboo or wooden toothbrushed splintering, but I’ve been brushing with bamboo brushes for years without issues.

4. Cloth Napkins or Hankies. These make great gifts because they can be embroidered or customized, fancy or colorful. Truthfully, I’ve got a bit of a hanky collection going myself including colorful bandanas and some white ones embroidered with my state flag’s design. Search for colorful cloth napkins on Etsy and you’ll come up with some beautiful options like these solid-color linen ones. If you’re handy, be low waste and make some out of scrap fabric (so meta).

5. Reusable Face/Makeup Wipes. There are some amazing cloth facial wipes out there. Etsy seller Marley’s Monsters makes these awesomely patterned wipes, but there are many more out there. Or, just grab some soft scrap fabrics and make your own! If you do give the gift of wipes or rounds, consider adding a laundry bag so these little guys don’t get lost in the wash!


6. Beauty Bars. I’m always putting bath products in people’s stockings, and the less packaging, the better. Look for bar soaps, lotion bars, and even bath bombs with no packaging, minimal paper packaging, or make your own homemade bars. Lush Cosmetics is a great one-stop shop for so many different unpackaged beauty bars. If you bring a little cloth pouch or napkin, you won’t even need their paper bag.

7. Bento Bags & Produce Bags. Produce bags are great for groceries. Bento bags are a Japanese cloth bag: softer than canvas and made to tie at the top instead of having handles. Both are cute, functional and super easy to make. My girl Zero Waste Chef has a bento bag tutorial AND a produce bag tutorial on her blog. Or, if you’re not handy, Marley’s Monsters has you covered.



You can find way more ideas at online zero waste stores like Tiny Yellow Bungalow, Zero Market, Package Free, and many others. Get creative and make your own! What other practical low waste stocking stuffers did I miss?? Tell me in the comments below!

And Dude: this post is not sponsored by Amazon, Lush, or Marley’s Monsters, I just love this stuff. ❤

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