Low Waste… Giftwrap?

We don’t use disposable stockings, why use disposable gift wrap?? As a kid, my mom made a big drawstring “Christmas bag” for each of us girls about the size of a pillowcase. Every year, gifts small enough were in my own bag–just the way stocking stuffers were in our stocking. This season, try a new take on your gift wrap routine! If you have ideas that I missed, I’d love it if you’d put them in the comments below.

1. Use things you already have as giftbags/giftwrap: pillowcases, fabric, string/ribbon.

2. Reuse wrapping paper and tissue paper from previous gifts! Have you ever tried ironing tissue paper? It’s not perfect, but you can get several uses out of tissue paper! We keep a stash of wrapping and bags from gifts we’ve been given to reuse again!

3. Make or buy cloth drawstring bags you can use year after year–just like my mom! Or, if you’re not handy, support an Etsy crafter selling drawstring gift bags!

4. “Wrap” the gift in another gift! Sounds strange, but canvas shopping bags, scarves, bandanas, and cloth napkins all make beautiful gift wrap. After the receiver unwraps their present, they also have a bonus gift to enjoy.

brown paper5. Use recyclables! Newspapers or brown “craft” paper can be tied with string. After unwrapping, the paper can be recycled or reused, and the string can be reused (or composted if it’s cotton or jute).

6. Skip the “giftwrap” all together and create an at-home scavenger hunt! You can put the hiding place in the card (if there is one) or hide multiple little clues that lead to the final gift!

Do you have any pro tips I missed? Put them in the comments below!

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1 thought on “Low Waste… Giftwrap?

  1. What about reusing paper from online orders? We save all that brown paper and then our kids paint it for Christmas wrapping, giving it 1-2 more uses before it’s recycled.

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